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Nduka Nwankwo

972 days ago
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  • Challenge 1: Improving the Lawmaking Process
Danielle O
  • Challenge 2: Facilitating Cross-Partisan Dialogue
Marci H Policies Beyond Partisanship
Voters don't know who to vote for, representatives and their staff have trouble managing the large quantities of constituent feedback, and campaigns target voters based on demographic and behavioral data.
Nicholas Matthew Carducci (point person), Nicholas John Gazzola, Nicholas Joseph Simonelli, Ian Schoonover, Ben Manning
  • Challenge 3: Modernizing Congressional Participation
Jenny C We want to engage constituents to weigh in on the lawmaking process, developing a tool helpful for them to send in text for laws and to comment as well as support the paragraphs relevant to the issues they care about. Staffers and journalists could use the tool, to find out the trending topics and new angles for the stories they want to publish. 
Kristian Mcmanus (contact person), Xenia Menzies, Christie Dudley, Laurie Alaoui, Shrutika Thakur, Brian Kim, Mary Steiner, Jenny Manrique Cort├ęs
Chris C Mobilize Your Friends (working title)
When advocating for the issues they care about, most people bump up against the problem that their Representatives in Congress don't hold meaingful sway. Our tool sorts Representatives by their influence on the issues and then connects users to facebook friends who are their constitutuents. 
Chris (point person), Ranna, Walter, Lauren, Patrick, Bo, Yang
  • Challenge 4: Closing the Representation & Trust Gaps
Michael A TL;DR Congress is a one-page personalized "report card" for voters to see how their elected official is serving them and provides an opportunity for elected officials to give explanations of their actions. It closes the trust gap between voters and their elected officials on the very issues that matter most to them. TL;DR Congress has a user-friendly and easy-to use dashboard showing the voting records of elected officials, as well as how their actions match up to the interests of voters on the issues. The platform also allows Congressional staffers to comment and tag issues related to the bills that members of Congress are currently voting on.
Team Members:
Ti Zhao, Heidi Kong, Steven Schlotterbeck, Dylan Do, Michael Agustin, Jimmy Hsu, Steffen Front
Robert Freeman (Founder), Jeff Bellsey (UI Developer), Jessica Kim (Developer)
  • Challenge 5: Reforming Campaign Finance
Marci H Urban Borough
Nduka N Goal: A unified way for everyday constituents to financially pool behind a congressional candidate  in social, more transparent way -- thereby reforming the way campaigns are financed.
Summary: Our mobile app leverages the crowd-funding model to reinvent campaign finance as a social event. Urban Borough engages millennials and empowers them to fund a candidate they believe in. It also reforms the way campaigns are financed as individuals seeking political office can be less reliant on corporate donors, who usually want something in return.
Marci H Nduka Nwankwo (point person), Carla Mays, Aheri Stanford-Asiyo, Lauren Massa-Lochridge

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